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The Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs disposable vape has the most pleasant vaping experience. This sleek marvel combines a premium e-liquid with 20mg of nicotine for a satisfying 7000-puff journey. Say goodbye to constant refills, as this disposable vape ensures a hassle-free and enduring vaping experience.

Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs Features:

  • Brand: Nerd Diamond
  • 7000 puff capacity
  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • Pre-filled pod
  • Variety of flavours and colours
  • Easy to use
  • Type-C Rechargeable


Revolutionize your vaping experience with the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs The Best Disposable Vape In UAE, a sleek and advanced device that seamlessly blends convenience, flavour, and longevity. Crafted for both new vapers and seasoned enthusiasts, this revolutionary vape offers an impressive 7000 puffs, ensuring a prolonged and satisfying session without the hassle of constant refills.

Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs Features 

  • 7000 Puff Capacity: Enjoy an extended vaping journey without interruptions.
  • 20mg Nicotine Strength: Experience a smooth and balanced hit that won’t overwhelm your taste buds.
  • Pre-filled Pod: Convenient and ready to use, straight out of the box.
  • Variety of Flavors and Colors: From fruity blends to classic tobacco, find your perfect match.
  • Easy to Use: No complexities, just straightforward vaping pleasure.
  • Type-C Rechargeable: Stay powered up with an easily rechargeable battery.

Embrace the future of vaping with the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs, where technology meets flavour for an unparalleled experience. Transition seamlessly from traditional cigarettes or enhance your vaping journey with a device designed to prioritize your well-being.

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Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs Flavours

Red Apple Ice – Experience the mild sweetness of Red Delicious, offering a crisp bite with a refreshing, almost flavourless profile.

Gummy Bear – Indulge in small, sweet fruit-flavoured gummy bears—delightful gelatin candies shaped like bears.

Fresh Mint – Immerse yourself in the subtly sweet and cool sensation of mint, derived from menthol, for a refreshing vaping experience.

Cola Ice – Savor the sweet and refreshing soda flavour of Cola Ice with a menthol finish, perfect for vanilla and caramel cola enthusiasts.

Blue Razz Lemonade – Enjoy a harmonious blend of sweet blueberry, tart raspberry, and lemonade for a complex and refreshing flavour.

Energy Vimto – Delight in a unique blend of grape, raspberry, and blackcurrant juices flavoured with herbs and spices for an energizing vaping experience.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry – Experience the succulent blend of sweet blueberries, cherries, and tart cranberry for a well-rounded flavour.

Fizzy Cherry – Quench your thirst with Fizzy Cherry, a drink-inspired blend recreating the flavour of cherryade with sweet yet tart cherry.

Blueberry – Enjoy the classic taste of fresh blueberries—sweet and slightly tart with earthy undertones.

Blue Sour Raspberry – Discover the refreshing flavour of blue raspberry—sour with a hint of sweetness, capturing the essence of sugary and tart goodness.

Mr Pink – Immerse yourself in a fruit medley with a citrus twist, combining tangy grapefruit, juicy orange, and zesty lemon for a layered vape.

Rainbow – Indulge in a mix of fruits with a sweet candy base, including strawberry, orange, grape, and lime for a delightful vape treat.

Mr. Blue – Delight in a delicious berry medley with an icy exhale for a refreshing vaping experience.

Grape Ice – Experience the delicious combination of freshly squeezed grape juice with a cool icy kick, offering a perfectly balanced rich grape flavour.

Strawberry Mojito – Savor the taste of fresh lime, mint, strawberries, and sugar in this delightful strawberry mojito-inspired flavour.

Strawberry Raspberry Ice – Enjoy the freshness of raspberries and strawberries with a cool ice note, providing approximately 7000 puffs for an enchanting vaping journey.

Watermelon Ice – Treat yourself to the flavour of a watermelon fruit straw covered in sour sugar crystals, followed by a menthol aftertaste for a mouth-watering experience

Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs Reviews

Discover the seamless convenience and innovation packed into the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs, a marvel in the vaping world. Its Type-C rechargeable battery ensures easy recharging, allowing you to connect to a Type-C charger and dive into another round of flavorful clouds at your convenience.

When it comes to flavours, the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs presents an extensive array to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you lean towards fruity blends, refreshing menthols, or classic tobacco notes, this device caters to every palate. Each puff is a burst of rich, satisfying flavour, accompanied by a smooth and consistently enjoyable draw. Rest assured, your well-being takes precedence with a device meticulously designed for your satisfaction.

Embrace the future of vaping with the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs, where the convergence of convenience, flavour, and technology unfolds. Experience the delight of long-lasting puffs, coupled with the ease of rechargeability, and explore a diverse range of delightful flavours. Elevate your vaping journey and unlock a realm of possibilities with the Nerd Diamond vape.


How To Use Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs 

Step 1: Unwrap your device, discard the packaging, and remove the protective sticker from the mouthpiece.

Step 2: Initiate the device by pressing the fire button five times swiftly. The LED light will flash three times, signalling its readiness for use.

Step 3: Explore the 18 flavour options available. Each flavour corresponds to a colour code on the device. Easily switch flavours by pressing the fire button three times, causing the LED light to shift to the next colour. Alternatively, check the flavour name on the side of the device.

Step 4: Indulge in the smooth and satisfying vapour by inhaling from the mouthpiece. The device will automatically cease firing after 10 seconds of continuous inhaling. For manual cessation, press the fire button once.

Step 5: Keep an eye on the battery life. When it depletes, the LED light will flash 10 times, and the device will power off. To recharge, connect it to a Type-C charger through the bottom port. During charging, the LED light turns red, and once fully charged, it changes to green. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

  1. What is the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs?

-The Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs is a disposable vape device offering up to 7000 puffs, featuring various flavours and a potent 20mg nicotine strength. Its sleek design is complemented by a Type-C rechargeable battery.

  1. What benefits does the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs provide?

-Enjoy a convenient, satisfying, and enduring vaping experience. With a diverse flavour range catering to different preferences, including fruity, menthol, and classic profiles, the device delivers a cool sensation and a smooth draw for enhanced flavour enjoyment.

  1. How do I recharge the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs?

-Utilize the Type-C port located at the bottom of the device. Connect it to a Type-C charger and patiently wait for the LED light to turn green, indicating a fully charged device. Resume vaping as usual.

  1. How can I tell when the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs is empty?

-Stay informed through LED light signals. When it flashes, whether due to low e-liquid or battery, take note. A distinctive 10 flashes signify the device is empty, prompting proper disposal.

Where can I purchase the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs?

Procure this innovative disposable vape online or at selected vape shops. Refer to the official website for detailed information and to locate the nearest retailers. Elevate your vaping experience with the Nerd Diamond 7000 Puffs – where satisfaction meets innovation.


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Blue Razz Lemonade, Cola Ice, Gummy Bear, Watermelon Ice, Blue Sour Raspberry, Blueberry, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Energy Vimto, Fizzy Cherry, Fresh Mint, Grape Ice, Mr Pink, Mr. Blue, Rainbow, Red Apple Ice, Strawberry Mojito, Strawberry Raspberry Ice




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