Could Water Based Vaping Devices be the Future of Vaping?

As of late, Innokin, one of the biggest vape gadget producers on the planet, declared that they were working close by vaping innovation firm Aquios to make water-based vaping gadgets. In the present blog we take a gander at this progressive innovation and separate the new Innokin “Lota” gadgets that all utilization water-based vape juice.


Water Based Vape Juice and Its Benefits

As per the vaping innovation firm Aquios, customary vape juices and gadgets as of now don’t contain water content, and those vape juices that in all actuality do incorporate water have under 3%. This is on the grounds that water has exceptionally low thickness levels, making it unacceptable to be utilized in vaping, prompting flooding and spilling issues.

Assuming spilling is tended to with seriously wicking material, dry hits will happen. What’s more, on the off chance that in some way an equilibrium is accomplished between the wicking material and how much water utilized, it would in any case not be sufficient to make a satisfactory measure of fume.

In any case, this is all changing with another innovation called “AQ30” which considers water-based vape juice containing 30% water. As indicated by Aquios’ site, they have accomplished this by utilizing unique flavorings, water-based eliquid, and cutting edge equipment.

The site expresses that the advantages of water-based vape juice incorporate a cleaner taste, a smoother fume, quicker fulfillment, worked on substance soundness, and decreased drying out.

Water-based vape juice accomplishes a cleaner taste since there is less VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) in the last blend, which have been known to cover the planned taste of e-fluids. VG particularly is better, which can frequently disrupt the first flavorings. On the off chance that more water is added to the e-fluid, a cleaner taste will come through since water is flavorless.

Water additionally makes smoother fume and quicker fulfillment since it is all the more promptly acknowledged by our bodies (or has higher bioavailability). Likewise, more water in the e-fluid combination implies less PG, which has been known to cause throat disturbance, making a smoother fume to breathe in. They likewise express that water has a superior synthetic dependability since it has a lower limit. VG has an edge of boiling over of 292°C, while PG has a limit of 189°C without water. By including water, the edge of boiling over of these two fundamental vaping fixings is additionally brought down, diminishing the vaping temperature and the probability of delivering unsafe substances (gasses) in the fume.

At last, Aquios states that water based vape juice will mean less parchedness from vaping on the grounds that there will be less PG and VG in the last blend. VG will in general dry out the tongue and causes what’s known as “vapers tongue,” which makes a dry mouth. In any case, with more water in the blend and less VG and PG, the fume will be less helpful for drying out the client.
Innokin “Lota” Vape Products

Working close by Innokin, Aquios has as of late delivered a progression of items they are naming “Lota” gadgets. These dispensable vape items vow to make “…no spillage, upgraded flavor lucidity and quicker nicotine fulfillment.” There are three Lota gadgets altogether, the Lota Enviro, the Lota F600, and the Lota Prefilled Pod Kit, each serving a particular market fragment.

The Lota Enviro is a dispensable that plans to diminish the carbon impression of customary expendable items. It accomplishes this by utilizing reused materials and “client recyclable parts.” After the dispensable runs out of water-based e-fluid, it tends to be dismantled totally and each part can be reused, aside from the e-fluid chamber. The Lota Enviro will highlight 600 puffs, ten flavors, and will convey 2ml of water-based e-fluid.

The Lota F600 is the lead model, it’s planned for smokers progressing into vaping. Along these lines, it sports a trendy plan and delicate touch surfaces and is lightweight and ideal for first-time vapers.

At last, the Lota Prefilled Pod Kit is a shut unit framework that accompanies prefilled cases and a battery-powered battery, a fantastic contribution for vapers who would prefer to possess a gadget for the long stretch.

This new innovation flags a splendid future for vaping, a future where vaper’s tongue will be a relic of days gone by, better and cleaner flavors will be accomplished, and all the more significantly, a future where lower temperatures will make vaping more secure and better since the substance soundness of VG and PG will not be undermined by higher bubbling temperatures.

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